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Active: English Tutoring in The Dominican Republic: $552 Raised So Far. (Only  $48 needed to enroll the 3rd student!)

Our goal is to raise $3000+
$552 Raised so far.  (Only $48 needed to enroll the third student!)

Matching Challenge! Aura’s House Partner, Mike Epler will match each $1.00 donated with $2.00, one from his funds and one from his employer, up to a maximum of $500, thus turning your first $500 into $1500.

In many countries knowing English can greatly change an individual’s future by opening up new job opportunities and furthering their education.  The English as a Second Language (ESL) Program is a 12 month program, proposed for implementation in …

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Update from Andrea’s Household Needs Project- Colombia

Hello Everyone. We are happy to report that Andrea Florez (7) of Colombia has received the gifts made possible by Aura’s House donors via our recently completed Household Needs Project.
Vickie Wiedenmann of Children International writes:
Hello, everyone! I’m delighted to attach some photographs of Andrea Florez which were taken when she and her family received some wonderful new household items — thanks to the incredible support provided by the Aura’s House Team and your generous donors!
As you can see in the photos, the family received the following:
1 Wooden Bunk Bed set
2 …

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Complete: Emergency Project For Orphans Haripriya, Harika, and Pravalika Srinu of India: $500 Raised. THANK YOU!

Launched: January 31, 2014.
Completed: February 22, 2014.

Emergency Project For Orphans Haripriya, Harika, and Pravalika Srinu- India
Our goal was to raise $500.
$500 Raised -THANK YOU!
Haripriya (Hari), Harika, and Pravalika are three sweet sisters who live in the Vadrevupalli Village, in the East Godavari District of India. The girls are in need of support because they lost their mother in 2010 and on New Year’s Day of this year, they also lost their father.
The girls are in school and are currently staying with a lady who will be able to care for …

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Christopher and Judy Receive Tuition and School Supplies – Zambia

Judy (9) and Christopher (10) Mwansa of the Tuition Project have received the wonderful school supplies, uniforms, shoes and school fees that were provided by your donations. Read a letter of thanks from Christopher to his sponsor. See photos of Christopher and Judy with their school supplies.

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Featured Person: Elvis Mwenda Kibiti

“My name is Elvis Kibiti. Most people call me “elvo” though, a nickname derived from my first name or “Mwenda”, my middle name. I am from Meru, Kenya currently living in Shanghai and splitting half of my time in China and the other half in San Francisco where I work as a Product Designer in the consumer electronics space.
My favorite thing to do is travel, I try and see at least 5 new countries every year though lately I have been getting into a pattern of visiting my more favorite …

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Complete: Household Needs Project for Ethel (7) of Honduras: $281 Raised… THANK YOU!

This Project is now complete
Launched: December 13, 2013.
Completed: February 1, 2014.

Our goal was to raise $250.
$281 Raised. THANK YOU!
Please stay tuned for photos and updates.

Special Thanks: Suzzanne and Jeff Cutler for their generous $100 donation that finished off this project.
*Everyone who donated at least $10 to this project by January 10, 2014 was automatically entered in our Holiday Raffle.

Ethel Madrid (7) and her little brother live with their mom in a small home in Honduras. Her father has left the family so Ethel’s mom reached out with hopes …

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Congratulations Holiday Raffle Winners!

Hi Everyone!
Our Christmas tree is still up (we like the pretty lights in January) and brothers Lukas (age 4) and Nico (age 2) have chosen three winners for our 2013 Holiday Raffle.
Watch the (chaotic, as usual) video of the raffle drawing:

Post by Aura’s House.

Here are the winners and their prizes:
The 2013 Holiday Raffle

McKenzie Fritch -First Prize ($100 Amazon Gift Card or Donation to Charity)
Monica and Shawn Landry -Second Prize ($50 Amazon Gift Card or Donation to Charity)
Suzzanne and Jeff Cutler -Third Prize (Sterling Silver Hand-Made Aura’s House Necklace) 

We will …