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Complete: Emergency Tuition Project for Yasini “Yacn” Biggo (25) of Tanzania: $1,200.26 Raised! -THANK YOU!

This project is now complete.
Launched: October 20, 2014.
Completed: December 12, 2014.
Everyone donating at least $10 to this project was automatically entered into our 2014 Holiday Raffle.
See a list of all the rewards donors to this project will receive.
Our goal was originally to raise $1,999. (But our emergency scaled-down goal was to raise $1,000, so Yacn can be allowed to sit for his exams in February and his tuition will be covered. Our deadline was December 12, 2014.)

$1,200.26 raised! -THANK YOU!

*Last updated Dec. 13 at 8:12PM GMT+1 by Kristen Palana. THANKS …

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Homebaked Raffle Winner Chosen! Emergency Education Project for Yasini Biggo -Tanzania

We have a winner! Congratulations to Kathy Bemis! First prize is a 10 euros gift certificate to Homebaked Grandma’s Kitchen in Rome, Italy.

This particular raffle was only open to donors to the Emergency Education Project for Yasini Biggo who also physically are living in Rome, Italy. See the rewards for ALL donors to this project here. Thanks to ALL who entered and made education a reality in the process for Yasini Biggo!
Click the Random Picker blue seal to see the official drawing results.


Our goal was originally to raise $1,999. (But …

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Rewards: Give a Little, Receive A Lot for Yacn’s Education

Yasini’s Emergency Project is Now complete. This was the letter and post we sent out the week of December 12th, the deadline for Yasini’s tuition:
Dear Family and Friends of Aura’s House,
Hello. I know you are busy. I know that you work hard, and money is often scarce. Before you click away, I will get to the point right away: We have until December 12, 2014 to ensure that a bright, enthusiastic young student studying law to better his community in Tanzania will NOT be forced to leave school.  We need …

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Complete: Education Project for Anna Marie Arroyo (18) of the Philippines: $1,190 Raised! -THANK YOU!

This project is now completed.
Launched: March 30, 2014.
Completed: December 6, 2014.

Education Project For Anna Marie – the Philippines
Our goal was to raise $1,100.
$1,190 Raised.  THANK YOU!

*Everyone who donated at least $10 to this project between April 30th and June 30th, 2014 was automatically entered in our Birthday Raffle.
Special Thanks to: Luke Wood, for his very generous $300 donation that helped get this project close to being half-complete as well as the additional $50 donation of his raffle prize. Also a HUGE thanks goes to AUR’s Volunteer Club who raised $415 …

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Students Are Enrolled From The Emergency Education Project – Nigeria

The Emergency Education Project of Nigeria aimed to raise tuition for four children to continue enrollment in the StayInSchooling Initiative. Due to the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria, schools were temporarily closed so the children have just been officially enrolled. Please, enjoy the pictures below of the four enrolled children. Their names are Akintewe, Onipede, Okonkwo, and Adediran. Please, enjoy the photos below of the four top scoring students that were able to go to school because donors like you care about their future.

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Change for Change Campaign – Help Keep Yacn in University  

Homebaked: Grandma’s Kitchen situated in Monteverde Vecchio, Rome (Italy), is hosting a “Change for Change” campaign throughout November in which they are encouraging their customers to donate any spare change or to make an outright donation to help benefit Yacn’s Emergency Tuition Project in Tanzania. A donation jar can be found on their main counter next to their usual assortment of pies, muffins, and other goodies.

Homebaked: Grandma’s Kitchen opened its doors in August 2013 and specializes in baked goods and American cuisine. Situated close to The American University of Rome (AUR), Homebaked …

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Students from The American University of Rome Successfully Raised $415 for Anna Marie’s Education

UPDATE: November 2, 2014.
Students of The American University of Rome (AUR) have come together this semester to create a volunteer club where engaged young people can help bring about positive change in their local and global communities. As their first project, The Volunteer Club, worked to raise funds for The Education Project for Anna Marie, so that this bright young woman from The Philippines will have a chance at staying in University and continuing her education. 
The Volunteer Club hosted a bake sale on Tuesday, October 14 from 10am – 4pm …