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Community Conversation: What’s the Nicest Thing You’ve Ever Done for Somebody?

1 August 2009 3 Comments

..Or if you are too stumped (it can be hard to pick just one thing…) put down a few, or answer: What are some nice things people have done for you?

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  • Kristen (author) said:


    Probably one of the nicest things I’ve done was start this website to help Aura and her family get a new home. Then again, I have received so much from the site too: It took my mind off the crushing students loans I used to have, allowed me to give to those less fortunate than myself, allowed me to see how generous others can be, and let me meet all kinds of wonderful people with good/giving hearts from all over the world.

    Nicest things done for me:
    -The help people have given me with the site and our projects
    -All the sweet things my husband does
    -I’ll never forget my friend Gretchen welcoming me to LA in 1996 with a homemade cheese cake she made for me. She had just met me 3 hours before in a class!

    I guess I could write a whole list for both questions. It’s a fun exercise. 🙂

  • Anastasia said:

    Hmmmmmm……I remember when I was about 7 years old, I was with my mother and my sister at a strip mall in a not-so-great part of town (our family was living on a somewhat, um, restricted income at the time). We were walking and I happened to look down and see a folded $5 bill…and when I opened it up, there was another $10 inside! My mom and sister and I were all so excited.

    We walked along for a little while and were turning a corner when we almost bumped into a family who looked like they were living on a VERY restricted income (geez, I’m being really PC here). OK, they were poor. Much poorer than us, and the oldest kid was actually crying. “We lost our grocery money,” he said. “Fifteen dollars. Have you seen it?”

    My mom didn’t answer. She just looked at me, and I now realize she was waiting – hoping – I would do the right thing, but she didn’t want to push me into it.

    “You lost $15?” I asked.

    “Yes, a 10 and a 5.”

    “Well…I FOUND IT!!” I thrust out my hand that was still clutching the money.

    I was only seven at the time, but I remember their reaction as if it was yesterday. A virtual explosion of happiness! The mom started crying, little ones clapped their hands, and the oldest son actually jumped in the air with a huge, “YEAH!”

    They thanked us profusely; we could still hear them talking excitedly as we walked away. My mom took us out for ice cream – a very special treat in those days – and told me how proud she was of me. 🙂

    I think that incident is one of the things that made me want to get involved with an organization like Aura’s House – everyone goes through hard times, but there will always be someone worse off than you. Do you reach out (monetarily or otherwise) or cocoon yourself away from the world? It’s your choice. I’m glad my mother let me make that choice for myself, and that it was the right one.


  • Susan said:

    One of the many nice things someone has done for me…

    On a sunny day quite a few years ago.
    I was driving with my children in the car, my youngest in a baby car seat. It had been a difficult day for me, a difficult time in my life. As I approached the stop light I could see a young man with a sign asking the motorists in line for assistance of money or whatever they could help with. The young man came to my window, which was open a bit and said Hi to me. I said Hi back. He asked me if I could spare a dollar or so. I told him I would if I could, but I barely had any gas in my car and wasn’t sure if I could make it to where I was going. He thanked me anyway, and walked away, then he came back towards my car, took out a few dollars and handed them to me. “Oh I can’t” I said, he smiled and said “I think you really need it more than me.” He smiled, and he cared. He did not judge me, I did not judge him. It is not our place. That was one of the richest times of my life, to be given almost all that he had, to help me.

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