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Complete: House Project For Ella Guantero (18) of the Philippines: $741 Raised. Thank You!

29 July 2011 10 Comments

This project is now complete. Launched: May 6, 2011. Completed: July 29, 2011.

House Project for Ella Guantero (18) of the Philippines

Our goal was to raise $736.
$741 raised. Thank You!

Please stay tuned for photos and updates.
Ella (18) of the Philippines lives with her mother and sisters in very cramped quarters. Their house has two bedrooms but several nuclear families within its walls. We aimed to raise $736 for the construction of two rooms added to the family home. All projects on the Aura’s House site are 100% US tax deductible.


Ella Guantero (18)

Room Construction Items

Construction supplies – $655
Labor – $81

TOTAL: $ 736

Ella is the sponsored child of Dorothée Clinton of Brooklyn, NY.

Dorothée writes:

“Hello! My name is Dorothée and I currently have 8 full sponsored children through Children International.

Ella is/was the very first child I ever sponsored through Children International, and she holds a very special place in my heart. I began sponsoring her in 2002 when I was 17 years old and about to head off for college. At the time, Ella was just 9 years old. I was her first sponsor. Today, Ella is 18! She will be graduating from the program in December and I’m hoping to give her a beautiful graduation gift – two extra bedrooms to give her family space and some semblance of privacy.

Ella lives in Quezon City, and recently had to move in October. Her father died when she was very young, even before I began sponsorship of her. Her mother worked tirelessly hand-washing laundry to support her five daughters. Now Ella, her mother, and some of her sisters have moved in with her older siblings who had left the house before my sponsorship of her began. They live in very cramped quarters. Their house has two bedrooms but several nuclear families within its walls. Their biggest wish is to add two additional bedrooms to the house. This means there would be one room for her older brother and his family, a room for her older sister and her family, a room for her single siblings, and the last room would be shared between Ella and her mother.

I would really love to be able to provide this for Ella and her family before she graduates in December. Ella is very deserving, and is incredibly hard-working just like her mother. She currently works two jobs bringing in over half of her family’s total income. I have always been and will continue to be amazed by her spirit. She has a great love of family that comes through in every letter, and yet she’s extremely honest about the realities of her life. She even turned down financial aid to go to college because she knew her family would not be able to survive without her income.

Somehow, through it all, there is positivity in her every letter. She has a very large family whom she loves, and its the force that drives her forward. I hope that these bedrooms will help ease any pressure within the household, and also give them some financial respite by giving them one less thing they need to save for.

Thank you so much for considering to help me in giving Ella and her family the home they deserve!”


This project is now complete, but please consider donating to one of our active projects to help needy children and their families.

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  • Lindsey said:


    I donated a small amount for this through the CI website, but I don’t see an update. I wanted to make sure my donation had gone through (I think 2 days ago?)


  • Inga said:

    Hi Lindsey, thank you so much for your donation! I’m sure your donation went through. CI is sending us updated list of donors every Friday for the previous week, that is when all new donations are acknowledged and donors’ names are added to the Donors List. If there is no thank-you note to you in 1-2 weeks (at the most) then please contact us again!

  • Kristen said:

    Hi Lindsey,

    We just got the latest spreadsheet from CI yesterday, but the donations received only go up until July 11. We always have to wait a little as the payments clear their system so it should be in next Friday’s spreadsheet. Since you donated before July 15 (the end of our raffle) they are going to get me all the donation info up until then early next week. Sorry for the wait and thank you on behalf of Ella and her family.

  • Lindsey said:

    thanks for all the quick response!

    no problem, I just wanted to make sure it went through!


  • Dorothee said:

    Wow! Thank you Lindsey, and everyone who has donated! I’m amazed at how generous has been and how quickly this fundraiser is completing. The end is so close! And I’m beyond ecstatic to know that Ella and her family will be able to get these needed additions before she graduates from the program.

  • ASONOFGOD said:

    Dorothee, are you the one on LiftOne that uses the name ‘neuilly’?

    I was under the impression that the picture of Ella Guarton was a picture of you.

    I can finish your needs for the balance of funds to build the house if you can arrange for it to be done through Children international.

    Wow girl, how did you figure out how to do all of what you are doing?

    I just recently started the LiftOne site and you can be my center piece for filling my desire to help the children. WATER and SHELTERS. The other things are bonuses.

    Others are handling the bonuses, I want to help handle the WATER and SHELTERS and some bonuses.

  • Kristen said:


    I’m sure Dorothee will be thrilled by your offer. All donations to projects featured at Aura’s House go directly through and are administered by Children International. (On occasion we work with other non-profits but those projects are clearly marked as such and have different arrangements.) Our donation button goes directly to CI’s website here: http://www.children.org/aurashouse.asp and offline donations sent to CI are also accepted. The info for offline donations is here: http://aurashouse.com/offlinepay.html -Hope this helps and best wishes,

  • Dorothee said:


    Yep I’m neuilly! Thank you so much for your generous offer! That would be amazing. Kristin’s post should have all the information you need. One of the best parts of Aura’s House is that it directly links you to the CI site – no middleman 🙂

    I realized when you asked on LiftOne if I lived in the Philippines that you probably thought she was me. I just use her as my profile picture because for me she represents who I am as a sponsor. She’s been there from the very beginning.

    I know how eager you are to work on big projects, and I have a feeling you’ll get an answer soon on the water projects in the Philippines. I think all the projects are great, and the fact that you’re able to do such large ones will be a blessing for so many communities. I’m sure Vicki at CI will keep you up to date on that.

    And as to how I do so much? Well, I have a lot of wonderful help. Aura’s House has been very kind and helpful, and they do countless projects each year. They also always have one bigger project which I find inspiring as well. They help individuals and communities, and pretty much attack poverty from all angles. My water project has happened because of many generous individuals. I just discovered this through sponsoring for many years and never being afraid to ask questions. Everyone on here and LiftOne is here for the benefit of others, and there’s a communal sense of compassion so I always feel free to ask – not just for myself, but to simply know more about what everyone is doing and how everything works.

    Sorry my reply is so long, but I hope it helps!

  • ASONOFGOD said:

    Dorthee, U know I am new to LiftOne and trying to see what is the best way I can help the children.

    My primary interest is housing and water wells. I am trying to see the installation schedule of the water wells to see if it takes long enough for me to help in some housing construction or expansions by balancing my financies.

    Based on the cost that you say it is taking on your well project is about $2,000.00. I am trying to find out how much it will take to drill water wells in the Tabaco islands, also, due to the ferry transportation cost. Their drilling equipment may be to large for the ferries and there may to much higher cost for special transporting of the equipment unless they can leave the equipment on the island if I can figure out how to finance other drilling over there without moving it back and forth across the water way.

    They may not need wells on the islands but I will not know until I look into it.

    I am a lot like U. I ask a lot of questions to see what I can do for the children.

    I rather make my donations anonymous and leave the connection to the sponsors and children, not me.

    The LiftOne members seem to enjoy hearing about your children and your projects.

    Who knows, maybe Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and other billionaires make wake up some day and help stop hunger. I don’t think I am going to live that long.

    You think you do a lot of talking. Look at my comment.

  • Dorothee said:

    I just wanted to say a big general thank you to everyone who donated to this project! I’m so excited it’s complete and that Ella will get the addition to her home before graduating from the program. I’m seriously so happy that it’s making me cry. Ella has been such an important part of my life for these past 9 years, and it wouldn’t have been possible without so many caring and generous people. THANK YOU!

    And, as always, a big thank you to the Aura’s House team – your selflessness and never-ending optimism is always an inspiration.

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