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Complete: Library Project In Honor Of Barbara Rogers– Tecpan, Guatemala: $2,010 Raised. -THANK YOU!

11 May 2014 5 Comments

Launched: December 11, 2013.
Completed: May 11, 2014.

Children’s Corner Library Project In Honor Of Barbara Rogers – Tecpan, Guatemala

Our goal was to raise $2,000 .
$2,010 raised. -THANK YOU!

See photos of the children with their gifts.

*Everyone who donated at least $10 to this project between April 30th and May 11th, 2014 was automatically entered in our Birthday Raffle.

Special Thanks to: Suzzanne and Jeff Cutler for their generous $500 donation and to Michael Hemling for his $50 Mother’s Day donation that completed this project.

The Children’s Corner Library Project is dedicated to the late Barbara Rogers who was the caring sponsor of many children including Vilma Pac Sut pictured below with her sister,  Maria.

The girls live in an area where books and educational resources are scarce and unaffordable to most people in their community. It’s our goal to help the library in Tecpan stock up on books, DVD’s, educational materials, seating and lighting, and to also have the ability to show films and multimedia materials.

Mckenzie Fritch, a close friend of Barbara and a long time Aura’s House supporter, organized the collection of donations given by guests at Barbara’s memorial service. Children International will be holding the donations totaling $320 and an additional $600 was raised via a Firstgiving Fundraiser.  Mckenzie’s mother, Carolanne Miller, is the sponsor of Vilma’s sister, Maria.  In the photo below, the two girls hold a plaque in memory of Barbara that will hang on the library wall.

We aimed to raise a total of $2,000 to enhance the library with a TV, home theater system with a DVD player and sound system, 20 educational DVD’s, a rug, window blinds, board games, puzzles, cushions, a ceiling lamp, and additional books and learning materials.  All projects on the Aura’s House site are 100% US tax deductible and 100% of donations go to our projects and the families or communities they serve.


Vilma and Maria Pac Sut


Project Breakdown:
1 TV 40″ technology LED = $670
Home theater system (DVD player and sound equipment) = $200
Rug = $170
Window blind = $20
20 educational DVD’s = $450
Board games and puzzles = $100
Cushions = $110
Ceiling lamp = $50
Extra books and learning materials= $230

Total:    $2,000


Vilma Pac Sut is sponsored through Children International by the estate of the late Barbara Rogers. Her foster sponsors – for letter writing, direct packages, etc. – are Renee and Mckenzie.

Mckenzie writes:

“6-year-old Vilma Pac Sut is only one of many children who will benefit from a multimedia library and educational center in her local Tecpan Community Center.

Vilma is a sweet and adorable little girl, who lives with her immediate and extended family on a farm in rural Guatemala. Vilma is lucky to eat fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the fields around her home, and to drink milk each day from their pet cow. Her family also raises pigs and chickens for meat and eggs. Vilma’s favorite activities are going to school and playing with her big sister, Maria, and her little brother, Luis. Vilma also thinks umbrellas are the most wonderful thing ever invented.

My mother and I visited Vilma this past September, and the best word I can think of to describe this little girl is “feisty.” Also “adorable,” but I believe I already said that. During our visit, Vilma’s mother told us how excited her daughter had been when she was chosen for sponsorship by Barbara Rogers. She was even more excited when the letters and gifts began arriving, and she was absolutely ecstatic when she learned that her sponsor would be coming to visit her. According to her mother, the children would ask every day, “When do our sponsors come? Is it today???” – even months before the visit was scheduled to take place. Sadly for Vilma, she lost her new sponsor far too soon. Vilma says that she will always remember Barbara with affection, and she will treasure the letters and toys she received from her. She says she will keep these things in a safe place so they will stay nice forever.

My good friend Barbara was inspired by the recently funded project Anna organized via Aura’s House to establish a library at the center in Chimultenango. Visit project. She was determined that when we visited Tecpan, we would ask questions at their center and come up with a plan to raise money for a similar library to serve this rural Guatemalan community. Barbara was not able to see her goal through, but thanks to another like-minded sponsor with children in the Tecpan area, the library project is already underway in her honor. During our visit to the center, my mother and I were able to see firsthand all the shelves lined with shiny, new books and learning games! We even brought along a suitcase filled with more books to be added to the collection. The Tecpan Community Center would like to expand the educational materials they can offer the children they serve, so this is why we are fundraising to provide them with a multimedia center, plus items that will make the library a comfortable place to relax and learn.

Thank you so much for your support!”

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  • Sabrina said:

    Great!! My mom has a sponsored child, Mirna, who lives in the area, and who would benefit from the use of these materials. Right now, she is going through a difficult time, and I hope that the books, games, puzzles and other media will help encourage her and build on the school progress she has made so far.

    I wonder: what percentage of sponsored families in this area, or families in general in this area, are Mayan? I want to better understand my mom’s girl who is Mayan, and that may yield a clue.
    May people donate DVDs to the collection, if they are “family-friendly”? What would be considered “sufficiently family-friendly”? I would think that movies are potentially more problematic than books. (Senders would have to be sure that they are in Spanish, dubbed in Spanish, or have Spanish subtitles.)

    I was thinking of “Whale Rider,” about an indigenous Maori girl (New Zealand, modern day) who wants to be the next chief of her village, and has all the right stuff, except she’s a girl–and her stern grandfather is reluctant to break with tradition and allow for the possibility of a female chief.

    Also: “The First Grader,” set in Kenya, based on a true story. An announcement is made on the radio that “the government now says that everyone can go to school.” There is a mad rush by parents to sign up their kids (I guess grade school was once inaccessible to many.)

    Unexpectedly, there is also an old man, in his 70s or 80s, who also wants to attend. He is incredibly determined and resistant to ridicule, and eventually becomes an inspiration to the whole country. (There are some flashbacks in which he remembers violence which occurs having to do with British occupation, and being tortured as a captured freedom fighter. Obviously THIS film would not be well suited to young children–but the high school ones?)

    I would assume that someone would have to preview the movies and see if they are suitable, or for what audiences. Some of the ones I’d like to recommend, I would consider suitable for junior high or high school, but not grade school–and they may not all be considered suitable by the standards of a more conservative society.

  • Sabrina said:

    BTW, the first of the two “Make a Donation” buttons on your Tecpan library fundraiser page does not work.

    Also, when I made my donation, after I pressed the donate button, the bar jumped from my library selection (which was the second listed), back to the top of the list. I had to re-select the library option. This is the third time this has happened recently, when I selected an option that was not at the top of the list. It is not a fluke, at least not in my case. I like what Aura’s House is doing, but this is an unnecessary irritation.

  • Kristen said:

    Dear Sabrina,

    Thanks for your helpful feedback. I haven’t had as much help with the site as usual so it’s no wonder one button didn’t work. Sorry! I will fix that now.

    As for anything on the actual donation page, that is part of Children International’s website and not within our control. I have also asked for a few minor changes to that page from CI’s web team and am waiting for a response.
    Thanks for all you do on behalf of needy children.

  • Renee said:

    I pray this fundraiser, in honor of our friend Barbara Rogers, is fully funded and that her sponsored child, Vilma, and all of the children in the Tecpan Guatemala area benefit from Barbara’s love of reading.

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