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How do you choose your projects?

In the past we’ve worked with the non profit organizations Kenya Kids in Need, Child Focus Fund, and The American University of Rome in conjunction with the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization along with the top-rated US charity, Children International. Right now we are currently only working Children International and the non profit, United With Hope. That means that 99% of the time we work with our friends at CI to come up with projects (such as the India Tuition Project) or we draw from a list of interested people who sponsor children through Children International who would like to raise funds for a special project for their child’s family.

Can you help me fund raise for my sponsored child?

Yes, if you sponsor a child through Children International. Just send us an email at contact (at) aurashouse.com and we can discuss your child’s needs and how to get on our waiting list.

How long is your waiting list?

It varies but usually there are about 3-6 projects waiting in line. Some projects fund quickly (especially if the sponsor gets their family and friends on board and actively spreads the word) and others take a painfully long time. This means that there could be 3-12 months before your project is ready to launch. Some sponsors raise money on their own first so when their project is ready they already have something to throw in the pot.

How much can I raise for my sponsored child?

It depends on what the child’s family’s needs are but usually the amount is somewhere between $350-$800. In the event that more money is raised, the extra funds still go to your child’s family and is usually used to purchase badly needed food and clothing items.

Can you raise funds for my orphanage, church group, a poor family I know, etc?

Unfortunately no. We would love to but we are just six volunteers who run the site in our spare time. The only way we can do a decent job is if we try not to be all things to all people. Because our time and resources are limited we gratefully take advantage of the wonderful logistical support that Children International provides us. (They allow secure Aura’s House donations to go directly through their site, issue our donors tax receipts, and provide us with photo and text updates about all aspects of our projects all over the world.)  We would suggest you try creating your own fund raising page at sites like justgiving.com (UK) and firstgiving.com (USA).

Why doesn’t my donation show up right away?

On our old site (2004-2008) we were able to update the totals daily because we had a Paypal account that would send us an instant email update. At the end of the month we would then transfer the totals raised (minus the Paypal fees) and send a check to Children International or the other Non-Profits we were working with. However, when we launched the current site in 2009 we thought it would be better, more transparent, and more secure to have donations go directly to Children International through a link on their website.  Anyway, the way it works now is Children International gets the donations through their website. They then have to clear the payments before we can update our totals. We normally receive a spreadsheet with the latest donations on Friday evenings via Lauren Jurgens of Children International. We then update the site ASAP, either immediately or by Monday the latest. If you don’t want to wait until we get the weekly spreadsheet from CI, you can email your donation receipt to: contact (at) aurashouse.com and we’ll add it to the project totals ASAP.

How long has this site been around?

We’ve been up and running since June 30, 2004 and been partnering with Children International since February 2003.

What’s in it for Aura’s House?

Certainly not money or glory of any kind. We volunteer because we believe that every person can make a difference and that small amounts of money (even just $1) add up quickly and can make a huge difference to a family in need. We like to think of it like this: A struggling family works day in and day out to barely make ends meet. One day they learn that a group of strangers from all over the world raised funds to send their child to school, pay for medicine, provide the family a new bed, or a water well for their village, etc. What a great surprise and lift that must be! A bit like winning the lottery. It’s nice to think that we as ordinary people can make that happen every now and then and give people hope.

How Can I Contact You?

Please send us an email at: contact (at) aurashouse.com
We’ll get back to you ASAP.

What other questions do you have? Please submit a comment from this page and we’ll answer you ASAP.

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