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The Ramirez family is enjoying their new home made possible by donations from donors like you. The photo below shows Bacilio and his mother enjoying indoor plumbing.

inside Bacilio's House
Bacilio and his mother

The Ramirez family totals eight people whose original home had only two rooms.

inside Bacilio's House
The Ramirez Family

This is a big change from their original home that was made of plastic bags, mud, and wood planks.

inside Bacilio's House
Original home interior


House Project for Bacilio Ramirez (10) of Honduras launched 8/31/07 and completed 12/27/07.

We built a desperately needed brick home for Bacilio Ramirez (10) and his family of eight who used to live in a two room house made of mud, wood planks, and plastic bags. Meet Bacilio and view photos of his original house. Our goal was to raise $5500. All donations are 100% US Tax Deductible.

View more photos of the progress from Bacillo's original home to his completed home.

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We Did It! $5500 Raised!
$523 raised for furniture

House Progress Indicator

Bacilio and his family wave in front of their new home.

Below is a list of family members living in the home:

Nicolas Ramirez (grandfather) 54 years old daily worker/laborer
Maria Martha Ramirez (grandmother) 53 years old homemaker
Maria Antonia Vasquez (mother) 33 years old homemaker
Vita Ramirez (aunt) 22 years old homemaker
Marina Ramirez (aunt) 17 years old homemaker
Lucia Ramirez (aunt) 14 years old homemaker
Marco Antonio (uncle) 13 years old student
Bacilio Ramirez (sponsored child) 10 years old student

Bacilio and his family had no idea that Aura's House donors planned to help change their lives for the better by giving them the gift of a safe and sturdy brick home.

The family was so happy and surprised when they were informed that Aura's House was raising $5500 to build them a sturdy home.

When the home was completed, Bacilio's family was very grateful to have received a new home with plumbing and some new furniture.

Bacilio in 2006

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