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The children at the Galilee School in Nairobi, Kenya are living in some of the worst slums in the world.  Most do not have toilets, more then one set of clothes, electricity, or running water. Some receive their only meal of the day from Galilee. For these students, high school is the biggest hope they have to leave the slums.

Aura's House
, in conjunction with the 501(c)(3) organization, Kenya Kids in Need together aim to raise $5000 for desks, books, and lab equipment for a newly built high school. Without these items, students cannot continue their studies. Our goal is to raise these funds by December, 2006 so the students can start their term in January of 2007.

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See more Photos from the Galilee School

Galilee Highschool

This highschool add-on to the Galilee School was recently completed in
2006. Unfortunately, Form 3 students cannot start a new term until they have desks, books, and lab equipment.

There are over 1,000 students in total in the cramped classrooms of the Galilee School. By helping the Form 3 class get equipment and supplies, the younger children will also benefit and can continue their educations as well.

Kenya Kids in Need is a California 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to Galilee School. Both Aura’s House and Kenya Kids in Need are 100% volunteer organizations. 100% of the money donated, after Paypal fees, will go to the school for our project of desks, books, and lab equipment. 

This website was founded by Kristen Palana, Aura Hernandez's sponsor through the top rated charity, Children International.

Anastasia Yecke
of Miami, Florida and Mike Epler of Simi Valley, CA. are partners at the site and main collaborators and fundraisers.

See a complete list of the Aura's House team.

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Kenya Galilee Classroom Project Completed!
Launched 9/6/06 and completed 12/29/06.

This project served to provide badly needed desks, books, supplies, and lab equipment for the slum children of the Galilee School in Kenya. See pictures of the items received with your donations. Read a letter from Fanuel.

Our goal was to raise $5000. All donations are 100% US Tax Deductible. Over 1,100 attend the school and will benefit from this project that will help lift them out of poverty. View Photos from the Galilee School

See pictures of the miArte Gallery Fundraiser hosted by Anastasia Yecke in Coral Gables, Florida.

Visit our forums and online shop! 25% of proceeds go to the Galilee School Project in Kenya. Check out our latest stats. Use our banners to link to us.

We Did It! $5000 raised with an additional $1235 raised.

Stay tuned for updates!
Classroom Progress Indicator

Students from the Galilee School who hope to be able to continue their secondary education. Most poor Kenyans do not get beyond Primary School. The Galilee School aims to help older students continue their education so they may one day lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Students at Galilee School live in the Soweto slums, some of the worst slums in the world in Nairobi, Kenya. See more photos from the Galilee School.

of proceeds will go to Kenya Kids in Need
who will oversee the equipment purchases and provide updates and photos .

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In 2005 Children International launched an online fundraising tool inspired by Aura's House called SponsorThon. Since then, it has now grown and evolved into the Lift One Project.

Just $22 a month will help a child get basic medical and dental care, schooling, clothing, and more.
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