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Students attending The American University of Rome were working on a fundraising project for the Cape Coast School for the Deaf in Ghana. This project was for the students' Non-Profit Marketing course at their University.

The students tried to raise $3,000 dollars (US) through different activities such as a charity concert at a local venue as well as a charity soccer game with the proceeds going to the Cape Coast School for the Deaf. They hoped that their fundraising efforts, along with help from the Aura's House website, wouldl help them reach their goal.

The students wanted to get the message out to the public about what the Cape Coast School for the Deaf is trying to accomplish. This is one of the very few schools for disabled children in Ghana.

With the money raised the school built a chicken farm. The farm provides a learning facility to teach the children important agricultural skills and help them acquire knowledge that the children can use when they leave the school and return to their villages. The farm also provides food for the students and faculty working at the school.
See photos and video from the school.

The school currently has 375 students enrolled. Students include both hearing impaired boys and girls as well as 17 visually impaired students.

This website was founded in 2003 by Kristen Palana, Aura Hernandez's sponsor through the top rated US charity, Children International. She is an Assistant Professor of Communication at the American University of Rome.

Students involved in this project are: Joyce Knoer, Antonio Illiano, Desiree DiGiovacchino, Gloria Gobbo, Elizabeth Gubanich, Roy Halstead, Giulietta Pinna, Kerry Rigley, Susana Sierra-Herrera, Corylie Suarez, Ambra Talarico, Jamie Tantleff, Julie Terrana, and John Persico. They are students in Professor Alessandro Signorini's Non-Profit Marketing class at the American University of Rome.

Anastasia Yecke
of Miami, Florida and Mike Epler of Simi Valley, CA. are partners at the site and main collaborators and fundraisers.

Christina Sidoti is a graduate from the Art Department at William Paterson University of New Jersey and was a student in Kristen Palana's Interactive Online Media Course there. She consistantly helps run the website and is in line to be our newest partner.

See a complete list of the Aura's House team.


Cape Coast School for the Deaf Project Completed!
Launched 3/31/07 and Complete 05/13/07.

Check out the new Chicken Farm made possible by AH donations.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the students from The American University of Rome, we went OVER our goal by $15
63. Representatives from the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization have informed us that these funds will go towards a sheeping project at the school. Thanks to our donors for making this possible and stay tuned for more updates.

Our goal was to raise $3000 to help the children at the Cape Coast School for the Deaf in Ghana. The funds raised will purchase a chicken farm, a pig farm, and a vegetable garden that will help feed the students as well as teach them agricultural skills that will help them become self-sufficient. Aura's House is teaming up with International Relations and Marketing students from the American University of Rome as well as the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization.
See photos and video from the school.

Visit our forums and online shop! 25% of proceeds go to the Galilee School Project in Kenya. Check out our latest stats. Use our banners to link to us.

We Did It! $4563 Raised!

Classroom Progress Indicator
Students from the Cape Coast School for the Deaf learn basic literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills. Furthermore the school teaches its students important skills such as carpentry, farming, and dressmaking, enabling the students to be participants in the socio-economic life of Ghana.

of proceeds went to
The Cape Coast School For the Deaf who oversee the purchases and provide updates and photos .

The project has also received the support and valuable sponsorship from MIB Flags. Established in Italy in 1936, MIB Flags is an internationally-recognized producer of high quality flags for official and unofficial purposes. MIB Flags will donate 5% of the overall on-line sales through their website to the Cape School.

Need a flag? Now you know where to look…

This project was sponsored by the UN's Food and Agricultural Organization and run by Aura's House and students from the American University of Rome.

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