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Our Zambia, Central Africa project aims to raise $30 each to help kids in Zambia get school uniforms, books, and supplies. Many parents in Zambia make under $1 a day and when they cannot afford to buy these items, their children cannot attend school and are denied even a basic primary education. See photos and details about kids from Zambia who need your help.

Children International
worked with Kristen to set up this project after she was inspired from her Summer 2005 volunteer experience in Tanzania. See photos from Tanzania.

Kristen with Irene, Nelson, and Hosiana.
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While there, a local village girl named Hosiana (12) befriended Kristen and asked if she could help her attend school. Hosiana is an orphan living with her aunt, "Mama Nelson" and her two cousins, Nelson and Irene. While it was difficult for the family to provide the uniforms and books for the children, they were able to scrape by.

What they couldn't afford, like most African families, were fees for Secondary School. Kristen worked with volunteer, Sarah Walls of Manchester, England and collected donations from other volunteers to start three bank accounts.

Mama Nelson went through the red tape to set up the accounts, and she and her husband now contribute to them every payday. The three kids are doing well and are looking forward to continuing their education beyond Primary School.


Zambia project launched on Sept. 1, 2005:

Latest News:
Over 20 Children Sent to School! Photos and updates from Zambia Project here.

See more photos of children who needed help and are now in school.
Please note, this project is temporarily on hold. More details, exact numbers of children sent to school, and photos coming soon via Children International.

View Zambia Slideshow. Check out our latest stats. Use our banners to link to us from your site.

$1407 Raised. Thank You!

This project is temporarily on hold. More details.

Irene (9) of Rau Village, Tanzania poses with her drawing. She, Hosiana (12), and Nelson (12 and peeking from bottom) inspired our Zambia project. With each $30 donated, a child from Kanyama and Chibolya Villages in Zambia can attend school. More Details.

The basic education program in Zambia is free for those children who attend government schools.  The children must, however, wear uniforms, purchase their own supplies and provide their own transportation to and from school. 

Most of
Children International's sponsored families are so desperate that they cannot even afford these items – which makes it impossible for the children to attend school.
See photos and details
Carrying heavy buckets of water home
Mama Nelson (left), Nelson, Cousin Tuma, and Irene.

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Please note, this project is temporarily on hold.

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Lift One

In 2005 Children International launched an online fundraising tool inspired by Aura's House called SponsorThon. Since then, it has now grown and evolved into the Lift One Project.

Just $22 a month will help a child get basic medical and dental care, schooling, clothing, and more.
Learn more about Lift One.