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How You Can Help

Two Donors who Became Volunteers: Anastasia Yecke, Alonzo Mourning of the Miami Heat (wow!), and David Santana.

Ways You Can Help at Aura’s House

• One of the most important ways you can help Aura’s House is to make a donation, even if it’s just $1. Our projects are realized only by the collective small donations of many people. One person truly can make a difference here. All projects are 100% US tax deductible. Aura’s House At a Glance

• If you are fundraising for your child through Aura’s House, make sure to read Aura’s House Fund raising Tips and Tricks.

• Email, write, or tell your friends and family about us. The first Guatemala Project started out entirely funded by Kristen’s family, friends, students, acquaintances, and everyone she bugged. It wasn’t until she raised over $1000 that “strangers” started to come on board. Now we get a nice mix of friends, family, past donors, and new friends we meet on the web who visit our site from all over the world. Even if you just tell five friends, it makes a big difference. You can also download, print, and distribute our flyers. Flyer 1/ Flyer 2

• Buy yourself a gift. That’s right. Be nice to yourself or shop for friends and family. Browse our online store for Aura’s House shirts, cards, gifts, totes, and more! 25% of proceeds go to our projects. Also, if you join free at IGive.comyou can shop online at over 650 stores and up to 30% of every purchase is donated to Aura’s House at no cost to you. All the big stores are there like Barnes and Noble, EBay, Expedia, Priceline, Lands End, Staples, etc. Also, printable Gift and In Loving Memory cards now available.

Become a Volunteer at the site. There are all kinds of volunteer jobs available here. We can even work with you if you want to do an internship or need a letter of recommendation later on. Jobs include helping with fund raising, coordinating fund raising events, sending out press releases, posting blurbs or banners about us on blogs and message boards, helping with graphic and web design, and more. Email Kristen at contact (at) aurashouse.com if you’re interested. (Please only contact us if you are an independent self-starter.)

Ways You Can Help Your Own Cause

•There are two great websites called Firstgiving.com (USA) and  Justgiving.com (UK) that will let you set up your own online fundraising web page. Check it out!

• If you already sponsor your own child from Children International, you can help recruit more sponsors for needy children on their waiting list, join in discussions with other sponsors, or perhaps start your own fundraiser. Visit their online community originally inspired by Aura’s House at LiftOne.

• Visit Cross Cultural Solutions to learn how you can go and help out in a developing country. They have a great Fundraising Guide (PDF) that can be applied to their programs, helping at Aura’s House, or your own cause. Also, make sure to read Aura’s House Fund raising Tips and Tricks


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