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On this page, projects dating from March 28, 2011 – December 12, 2014:

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Help Tuition Project for Aura Hernandez (22) – Guatemala

Launched: December 1, 2015. Completed: December 4, 2015.


$835 raised!  Thank you!

Could this be the world’s longest-running (successful) crowdfunding project?
After 12 years of making the impossible possible, we finished what we started by helping Aura GRADUATE with a university education so she can teach children in her community and support her family. Together we ensured that Aura could remain in school in 2016 and graduate in July of 2017.

Aura Hernandez is a hardworking college student defying all odds. She comes from a village in Guatemala where most people survive on $1 USD a day and where education only goes up to the eighth grade. Thanks to the power of crowdfunding and the internet though, her secondary school studies and a teaching certificate were funded, and she’s now a junior in university studying Environmental Science.

We aimed to raise a total of $800 to cover tuition for three university semesters and graduation ceremony expenses.   All projects on the Aura’s House site are 100% US tax deductible and 100% of donations go to our projects and the families or communities they serve.

Visit the  Tuition Project for Aura Hernandez (22)

Parveen (6)

Parveen (6)

Emergency Income Generation Project for Parveen (6) – Delhi, India

Launched January 10, 2015. Completed May 6, 2015.

Parveen (6) lives in a one room home with a mud floor, and plastic sheeting walls with her parents and her seven siblings.  Her father is too ill to work so the family lives off of Parveen’s mothers income which totals $120 per month.

Yacn (25)

Yacn (25)

Emergency Tuition Project for Yasini “Yacn” Biggo (25) – Tanzania

Launched October 20, 2014. Completed December 12, 2014.

When Aura’s House Partner, Heather LaBonte, asked Yacn why he wanted to study law, he replied “‘To become a successful lawyer who can help poor Tanzanian woman and children who are a vulnerable group and isolated  in our society. Most of the time they are denied their rights, for example the right to own property, inheritance, marital issues, right to work, and their liberty. I choose to study law because it’s easy to help people by knowing law especially vulnerable groups.”Aura’s House raised $1681 for Yacn’s third year at The University of Dar Es Salaam.


Anna Marie (18)

Education Project For Anna Marie (18)  –  Philippines

Launched March 30, 2014. Completed December 6, 2014.

Anna Marie graduated from high school in April 2013 and is now attending a state college near her home.  She is studying for a BS in Business Management program with a focus on Human Resource Development.  In her thank you letter for her first semester’s tuition, she wrote, “I would like to become a successful businesswoman.  I want to learn about business so when I have my own, I can help my family.”

Aura Hernandez (20)

Aura Hernandez (20)

Tuition Project For Aura Hernandez (20) – Guatemala

Completed October, 2014.

For the second year in a row, this project was completed before it even officially launched on the website!
Aura is entering her 7th semester of University and needed $180 for enrollment fees and expenses.  We aimed to raise a total of $180 to purchase the following items: an enrollment fee, supplies, copies and transportation cost.



Emergency Education Project  – Nigeria

Launched March 28, 2014. Completed April 22, 2014.

Aura’s House and StayinSchoolng Initiative aimed to raise a total of $624 to send four children to secondary school with the following items: one year’s tuition, fees, supplies, and uniforms.  The four top scoring students were able to go to school because donors like you care about their future.  Their names are Hannah Akintewe, Precious Onipede, Emmanuela Okonkwo, and David Adediran.

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