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Our new Small Projects Section features projects that cost $500 or under. Together with interested Children International sponsors, we aim to raise funds for things like beds, tables, chairs, supplies, and more for needy families around the world. If you have an idea for a future small project, please email Kristen at
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Our first Small Project was to buy furniture for Levy(6) and her family of Manila, the Philippines. Her sponsor is Liz King of Sydney, Australia. Liz writes:

"Levy is a beautiful 6 year-old girl who when I met her through my sponsorship with Children International, was living in the most appalling conditions I had ever seen. Her family consists of 5 siblings ranging from 9 yrs to 2 yrs, and along with her mother and father are living in just one room of a falling down shack, in one of the most desperate slums in Manila. 

The family had built on basically a pathway with hundreds of other families. There is no room for the children to play as their front door is about 3ft from a huge rock wall. The pathway to their house is probably a 10 minute walk from the road down a very steep passageway which consists of rocks and drops from some rocks are about 2ft, and very slippery with slime.

As the area is flood-prone, the house is consistently flooded. The roof has holes and so do the walls, with holes big enough for small animals to enter at night. The children sleep on the floor as they do not have beds. There is a slat bed for the parents and they do not have a bathroom or water supply. Their cooking facilities are one gas burner which they bought through one of the special needs gifts I sent. 


Levy's Furniture Project launched Dec. 16, 2005:
Levy and her family in Manila, the Philippines were in need of beds, supplies, and furniture for their new home. We reached our goal of $500.

See photos of the family with their new furniture.

See more photos of their old and new home.

Please note, this project is complete. Please check out our current projects here. Check out our latest stats. Use our banners to link to us from your site.

We DID IT! Thank You!
$500 Raised for Furniture

Levy Jean Fulgencio (center) poses with her family in their old house. The family was in desperate need of beds, chairs, a table, and other supplies. See more photos of their old and new home.

The land they live on is owned by the local school, who have decided to evict all the families. Through Children International I am purchasing them a house which has two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, electricity and water, front and backyard and in a safer environment. 

Unfortunately they are in desperate need of beds, tables and chairs, maybe a lounge and other household essential items."

-Liz King, Sydney, Australia

Levy (left), with two of her siblings.

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Please note, this project is complete. Please check out our current projects here.

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