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Our new Small Projects Section features projects that cost $500 or under. Together with interested Children International sponsors, we aim to raise funds for things like beds, tables, chairs, supplies, and more for needy families around the world. If you have an idea for a future small project, please email Anastasia Yecke at

Small Project #1 Levy (6) of the Philippines
Small Project #2 Louis (9) of Guatemala

Small Project #3 Cindy (12) of Philippines

Small Project #4 Kenci (6) of Honduras
Small Project #5 Albert(4) and Ashido(3) of Zambia
Small Project #6 Dipika (11) of India
Small Project #7 Innocent (8) of Zambia
Small Project #8 Marie Cris (10) of Philippines
Small Project #9 Jesica (8) of Philippines
Small Project #10 Emily (6) of Guatemala and Juan Carlos (9) of Mexico
Small Project #11 Dayana (8) of Ecuador
Small Project #12 Evin (11) of Honduras

$540 raised! Thank You.

Lilian (4) of Guatemala

Visit this project.

The fundraiser for Small Project #14 is Kristen Palana of Rome, Italy.

Kristen Writes:

"Hi everyone. It's me, the founder of the Aura's House site and sponsor of Aura Yesenia Solis Hernandez (now almost 14!) of Guatemala. She and her family are doing great in their new house (it's bigger and nicer than my apartment in Rome) and she recently received a new wardrobe from a recent special donation I sent her.

Today I am focusing on helping the family of another needy child, Christina Capin (8) of Manila in the Philippines. You might remember that Christian was the featured student from the Santo Nino Elementary School for our recent Philippines Classroom Project. Thanks to Christian's interview and photos of his living and schooling conditions, Aura's House donors were moved to donate over $7000 to the project.

When I first "met" Christian through his photos, I immediately fell in love with him. He always has a big smile on his face and is a top student in his class. He hopes that through education he can make a better life for himself and his family. Though I'm not actually his sponsor, I thought that maybe by featuring him in an Aura's House Small Project of his own, we could give him a little help along the way.


Small Project #14 launched April 5, 2007 and completed May 13, 2007.

Our goal was to give Christian Capin (8), and his famiy of the Philippines the following gifts: a bunkbed, bedding, cabinet, fan, kitchenware, textiles and a second hand sewing machine for an income generating project. Our goal was to raise $800. All donations are 100% US Tax Deductible.

See pictures of the gifts Christian received through your donations.
Read the letter Christian wrote to his sponsor.

Christian was the featured student from our recently complete Santo Nino Elementary School Classroom Project in Manila. Meet Christian as he takes you through a day in his life. These photos are from our Philippines Classroom Project
See the most recent pictures of Christian in his home.

Keep up with all our previous projects here. Check out our latest stats. Use our banners to link to us from your site

$800 Raised! We Did It!

Christian (8) outside the front door of his home.

continued from left...

Christian sleeps with his many siblings on a cold dirt floor covered by a thin mat. The family would appreciate receiving a bunkbed and linens to help provide comfort and better sleeping accommodations for him and his siblings. They could also benefit from a small gas stove to help them prepare their meals with more convenience. Other items which they could use include a wooden cabinet to store clothing, an electric fan for ventilation and comfort in their small home -- especially during warm days and evenings, and some small items for their kitchen.

Christian's mother and father both work as a seamstress and tailor. They have a sewing machine at home and take in small sewing contracts in their community to make clothing items, curtains, etc. The Manila Children International agency thought that they could benefit from the purchase of some textile materials (fabric, thread, etc.) to help with their small business. Aura's House would also like to purchase a second sewing machine for Chistian's father so he can work from home more often and provide more income for his family.

Aura's House donors have completely transformed the school that Christian and his siblings attend. I hope others will be moved to also help to improve his living conditions as well.

Best wishes,

Our goal was $800 -- and the breakdown for each item is:

Bunkbed $125

Bedding $50

Gas stove $24

Cabinet $116

Fan $12

Kitchenware $23

Textiles $150

Second-hand Sewing Machine $300 (-a new one would be $550, so if we go over our goal by $250, we can aim for a new one.)



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