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Our Small Projects Section usually features projects that cost about $500 or under. Together with interested Children International sponsors, we aim to raise funds for things like beds, tables, chairs, supplies, and more for needy families around the world. If you have an idea for a future small project, please email Anastasia Yecke at

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Small Project #2 Louis (9) of Guatemala
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Small Project #20
$509 raised! Thank You.

Lesly Viviana Culajay Larios (7)
Visit this project.



Small Project #21 Launched November 3, 2008, Completed December 3, 2008:

Our goal was to
provide Aura Yesenia Solis Hernandez (15) of Guatemala tuition so she may have the opportunity to go to school in order to become a teacher. Children International reports that there is no one in Aura's village qualified to teach beyond the 9th grade. They have identified a private school an hour away that Aura can attend to obtain a Teaching Certificate. We aimed to raise $1200 for her first year of school. All donations are 100% US Tax Deductible. MATCHING CHALLENGE: Thanks to super-donors Steven Krumholz and Olivia Palana, all donations up to our first $1000 raised were automatically doubled.

Aura is the sponsor child of Kristen Palana, the founder of Aura's House. The site is named after Aura and our first main project was to raise funds for her home. Read Aura's letters of thanks upon hearing that her education might be funded. See recent photos of her Quinceanera party that was partially funded by Kristen's donations.

Since this first tuition project, we have received a few updates:
See Aura's first student update.
See how Aura's first year progressed.

$1200 Raised -Thank You!
with an extra $330 raised
towards Aura's 2010 tuition.

Kristen Palana and Aura Hernandez in Guatemala in 2006

The fundraiser for Small Project #21 is Kristen Palana of Rome, Italy.

Kristen writes:

"My sponsored child, Aura Yesenia Solis Hernandez (15) is a bright, kind, and giving person from a poor but loving family. Myself, and Aura's House partner Anastasia Yecke were lucky enough to meet her in 2006. See photos.

For years, Aura always wrote in her letters that she dreamed of one day becoming a teacher so that she may teach the first grade and ensure that the children in her community learned how to read.

Unfortunately there's just one problem. No one in her tiny village on the outskirts of Guatemala City is qualified to teach school beyond the 9th grade level. At age 15 she's gone as far as she can go in her village school. If she wants to become a teacher, she's going to need our help.

Children International has identified a three year teaching certificate program in a private school an hour away from Aura's village. The first year of tuition and supplies costs $1200 and is due the first week of January, 2009.

I hope to raise $1200 with this Small Project and will aim to raise the rest of Aura's tuition in a future Aura's House project.

This website was born in 2004 when I tried to find a way to raise $4500 to build a safe, brick home for Aura and her family. After just a few months, my goal was met and thanks to Children International and all of you out there who kept egging me on, the site still exists today to raise funds for small scale, do-able projects that help needy children around the world.

Now here we are in 2008, trying to help Aura one more time. Aura has already been touched by the generosity of Aura's House donors and has been fortunate enough to live in a safe and sturdy brick home since 2004. Now she is looking to help others in her community by becoming a teacher and spread the gift of literacy and knowledge.

Will you please help make her dream come true? Every bit helps, even $1. Thanks so much in advance!"

Best wishes,
Kristen Palana

PS. Thanks to two longtime repeat donors, Olivia Palana and Steven Krumholz, all donations up to our first $1000 raised will be automatically doubled. Donate today and help twice as much. We can do it!

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