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Our new Small Projects Section features projects that cost $500 or under. Together with interested Children International sponsors, we aim to raise funds for things like beds, tables, chairs, supplies, and more for needy families around the world. If you have an idea for a future small project, please email Anastasia Yecke at

Small Project #4 is Complete.

Kenci (6) Honduras Visit this project.

$517 Raised! Thank You!

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Albert and Ashido are sponsored by Sharon Clyburn of North Carolina, USA.

Sharon writes:

During the summer of 2005, I visited the Children International website and saw two little boys from Zambia who I immediately knew that I wanted to sponsor after reading about the living conditions in which they lived. Their names are Albert Didi and Ashido Markdady and they live in Lusaka, Zambia.

Lusaka is the home to more than one million people and the region in which these boys live is plagued with high
unemployment rates, the unchecked spread of disease, and "overwhelming hopelessness" as described in the CI pamphlet. Many of the children in the region are unable to get adequate food and nutrition, education, and proper
medical care.

Meet Albert

Albert is four years old and lives with his parents and baby brother, Joseph. Both of Albert's parents are unemployed. They live in a two room home which is made of concrete blocks, with a roof constructed of corrugated


Albert and Ashido Project launched May 10, 2006: Project Complete as of 7/15/06. Thank You!
Our goal was to give Albert Didi (4), Ashido Markdady (3), and their families in Lusaka, Zambia the gift of badly needed beds, food rations, and supplies. Our goal was to raise $750 to be split between the two families. View photos of Albert and Ashido and their families.Click Here to see updated photos of Albert and Ashido's families.

See Thank You letters from Albert and Ashido.

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$750 Raised. Thank You!
Albert and Family

continued from left..

Food is prepared over a coal stove and water is obtained from community faucets. There is no electricity in the home and the family income is only $18.00 a month. Albert's mother tells me that he is a happy child who enjoys playing with his friends and helping her with household chores.

Meet Ashido

Ashido is three years old and lives with his eight year old sister, Eunice, and his mother, who is divorced and unemployed. The family's home consists of one multi-purpose room with concrete walls and a corrugated metal roof. The family has a coal stove and uses community faucets. Electricity is unavailable and Ashido and his family sleep on a concrete floor. The family income is $20.00 a month. Ashido's mother tells me that that he loves to learn new things and to play.

These two boys and their families desperately need food, beds, blankets, sheets, clothes, shoes, and other household supplies. I am hoping that with your help, funds can be raised to help improve the living conditions of Albert and Ashido. With your help, we can offer encouragement and hope for these families who are struggling to survive in such a harsh enviroment. I would appreciate any help that you can give to this project.

Thank you and God bless.

Sharon may be contacted at:

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Please note, this project is complete. Please consider donating to one of our current projects.

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