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Our new Small Projects Section features projects that cost $500 or under. Together with interested Children International sponsors, we aim to raise funds for things like beds, tables, chairs, supplies, and more for needy families around the world. If you have an idea for a future small project, please email Anastasia Yecke at

Albert and Ashido Project launched May 10, 2006: Project Complete as of 7/15/06. Thank You!

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Small Project #5 Complete!

Abert Ashido Albert (4) Ashido (3) of Zambia Visit this project.

$750 Raised! Thank You

Small Project #6: Meet Dipika Mandal of India

Dipika Mandal is sponsored by Anastasia Yecke of Florida USA.

Anastasia writes:

Dipika is an 11-year-old girl who lives in rural India with her parents and older sisters. Her father is a laborer and supports his wife, Dipika, her sister Manika (age 13) and her other sister Renuka (age 15) on roughly $29/month. The family owns their own land but their one-room home is not in the best condition.
They recently had the roof repaired with tile and bamboo through Children International's sponsorship program. However, the walls and floor of the home are made of mud; three of the four walls are in good condition but the fourth wall has cracks and can fall apart at any time. Children Internationl has told us it



Dipika Mandal Project launched July 18, 2006:
We Did it! Project Complete on 7/31/06.
Our goal was to give Dipika Mandal (11), and her famiy in India the gift of badly needed repairs on their house, furniture, food rations, and supplies. Our goal was to raise $500 . View some photos and a letter from Dipika here.
Please note, this project is complete. Please consider donating to one of our current projects.
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See photos of the items Dipika and her family received from your donations.

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$500 Raised Thank You!

Dipika Mandal and family

Dipika with some of the donated supplies.

$0 left to raise

continued from left..

will cost approximately $247 to repair the wall with bricks and also to install a wooden door and a window in the room (the house is currently windowless and has an open space for a door).
The family has also requested several furniture items including two mattresses, a dresser, pillow covers, a kerosene stove, and a bookshelf, as well as clothing and slippers for Dipika. The cost for these items is approximately $238. Another $15 can be raised for non-perishable food for a total of $500.

Please help us help this family; in the photos Children International sends they always look sad and tired. We would love to literally brighten up their home with a window, furniture and repair the wall so the family can sleep soundly at night

Anastaia Yecke can be contacted at





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