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Our new Small Projects Section features projects that cost $500 or under. Together with interested Children International sponsors, we aim to raise funds for things like beds, tables, chairs, supplies, and more for needy families around the world. If you have an idea for a future small project, please email Anastasia Yecke at

Dipika Mandal Small Project #6 launched July 18, 2006: Project Completed 7/31/06. Thank You!

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Small Project #8 Complete! $500 Raised! Thank You

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Small Project #9 launched September 17, 2006:

Our goal was to provide Jesica’s family with supplies for home and school that will improve their quality of life. Our goal was to raise $500. You can view pictures of Jesica and her family here.

See all of the items that Jesica and her family received HERE!

Please note, this project is complete. Please stay tuned for our next Small Project.

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$505 Raised! Thank You!

Jesica Bajada

Small Project #9: Meet Jesica Bajada of the Philippines

Jesica is sponsored by Susan H. of Oregon.

Susan writes:

Jesica lives in Caloocan, a poor city in the Philippines, with her family. She has three sisters (Jyesabel, Jennifer and Angelica) and a brother (Jayson). Her father has a basic elementary school education; he works as a laborer in a northern province and earns about $75 monthly. Her mother never attended school and is therefore illiterate. She does laundry work for neighbors to help support the family.

What shocked me when I read about her life was that she lives in a one-room home that has plastic sheeting for walls and a dirt floor. The family has only one used mattress, and most of the family members sleep on the floor. When I saw the photographs that showed her home, they were disheartening to say the least, but what you may notice is the huge smile on Jesica’s face. I saw her waving and wondered what she was thinking. Her parents say she is a very sweet and happy little girl. I can see the glimmer of hope in her little eyes. She is a beautiful child who like so many other children, live their lives in desperate poverty.

The family struggles to make ends meet. They often suffer from illnesses due to their poor nutrition. The house in which they live is owned by a relative. It is too small for a family of this size. The water is fetched from a neighbor's faucet and electricity is illegally tapped into the house. They do not have many furnishings in the home. Children International has learned that the son of the relative who actually owns the home will soon be returning to Manila and will move into the house, making it necessary for Jesica and her family to move. They are currently looking for a small home that can be rented on the meager income the family earns.

continued on right...

Jesica Bajada (6)

Below is CI’s breakdown of how a gift of $500 could be used for the family:

Bunk bed & bedding = $115
Table and chairs = $30
Water jug and dishes = $60
Clothing items = $80
Cabinet for clothes = $40
Kerosene stove and fan = $35
Books, school supplies = $50
Groceries, milk, vitamins = $90

Since both parents have limited education, they both feel that educating their children is important so they can have a brighter future. The books and school supplies will be a tremendous benefit to them and will encourage them to do well in school.

I am thankful for the chance that Aura’s House has given this family to help improve their lives in any way possible. I also hope that through this donation, Jesica and her family will be encouraged and know that good things are possible with a little faith and friends.

On behalf of Jesica and her family, thank you so much.


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Please note, you can only donate to the Marie Cris Project from the donation buttons on this page. This project is now complete. Stay tuned for our next Small Project.

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