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[13 Nov 2014 | No Comment | ]
Change for Change Campaign – Help Keep Yacn in University  

Homebaked: Grandma’s Kitchen situated in Monteverde Vecchio, Rome (Italy), is hosting a “Change for Change” campaign throughout November in which they are encouraging their customers to donate any spare change or to make an outright donation to help benefit Yacn’s Emergency Tuition Project in Tanzania. A donation jar can be found on their main counter next to their usual assortment of pies, muffins, and other goodies.

Homebaked: Grandma’s Kitchen opened its doors in August 2013 and specializes in baked goods and American cuisine. Situated close to The American University of Rome (AUR), Homebaked …

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[27 Aug 2014 | One Comment | ]
Complete: Emergency Education Project -Nigeria: $624 Raised. THANK YOU!

This project is now complete.
Launched: July 31, 2014.
Completed: August 25, 2014.

In partnership with: StayInSchoolng Initiative – Nigeria
Our goal was to raise $624
$624 raised. THANK YOU!
See photos of the four students enrolled.  Their names are Hannah Akintewe, Precious Onipede, Emmanuela Okonkwo, and David Adediran.

Special thanks to: Jocelyn Burrows Vache for donating $20 from every sale for each beautiful Aura’s House necklace that she made herself. Visit her Cagibi Etsy Store. Special thanks also go to Aura’s House Partner, Anastasia Yecke and fiance Erik Gude, for donating $100 and helping us surpass the …

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[22 Jul 2014 | One Comment | ]
Birthday Raffle Winners Decide to Pay It Forward

It just goes to show that members of the Aura’s House community are some of the most generous people around.
Last week we held a drawing for our 10th Birthday Raffle. This week we have heard back from the winners and both of them have decided to pay their gifts forward!
Second prize winner, Luke Wood from New York, USA has decided to donate his $50 USD raffle prize to Anna Marie’s Education Project here at Aura’s House to ensure that she can continue her university education and help lift herself and …

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[12 Sep 2013 | 6 Comments | ]
My hope to help a young man achieve his dreams. By: Heather Autumn LaBonte Efthymiou

I met Yacn through my charity work for vulnerable, poverty-stricken children in Tanzania. He was interested in what was going on to help the small, poor children of his country. He is from a very poor background, beyond what any of us westerners think of as very poor. We have had many conversations and he is a forward-thinker, which is needed desperately in Tanzania. 50% of the children in Tanzania do not go to school. There are so many with nothing. This young man wants to study law and get …

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[30 Jul 2012 | One Comment | ]
Nsenzeni Receives Gifts – Zambia

Nsenzeni has received gifts from your generous donations for her Household Needs/Tuition Project.  Her sponsor, Barbara, recently traveled to Zambia to visit her.  Nsenzeni lives with her grandmother, Lontia in Zambia and the family has expressed their sincere thanks to all of the donors for their help.  Barbara has sent Aura’s House transcripts from two letters of thanks from Nsenseni and Lontia.  She has also included photos and an account of her experience visiting her sponsored child.  See the original Household Needs/Tuition Project for Nsenzeni.
Nsenzeni has received the following items:
1 …