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[23 May 2011 | One Comment | ]
A Big Thanks to Anastasia Yecke for Funding Aura’s First Year of College Tuition!

Aura’s House and especially Kristen Palana, Aura’s sponsor through Children International would like to send a hearty and heartfelt thank you to AH Partner since 2004, Anastasia Yecke for her generous donation of $228, or properly translated, the exact cost of Aura’s first year of University costs in Guatemala City!
Back in January of 2011 we received word from Vickie Wiedenmann of Children International who kindly found out what the price breakdown for Aura was if she were going to continue her education and do the standard five years of University. …

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[20 Jan 2011 | No Comment | ]
Aura’s House Fund Raising Tips and Tricks

Hi there. This page/post is a work in progress so if you have your own tips or tricks to add, please leave them in the comments.
When I first started trying to raise $4500 for my sponsored child Aura’s new brick home back in 2004, it was a daunting task. I didn’t know how to raise money and worse yet, I didn’t (and still don’t) like asking people for money. What to do? Well, I tried to read up on the subject and did some homework before rolling up my sleeves …

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[28 Sep 2010 | No Comment | ]
Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose your projects?

In the past we’ve worked with the non profit organizations Kenya Kids in Need, Child Focus Fund, and The American University of Rome in conjunction with the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization along with the top-rated US charity, Children International. Right now we are currently only working Children International. That means that we work with our friends at CI to come up with projects (such as the India Tuition Project) or we draw from a list of interested people who sponsor children through Children International …

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[31 Oct 2009 | No Comment | ]
Mr. Lema’s Electronics Repair Business in Ecuador – A Success

Children International has just received a few more photographs of Ana and her family from their Quito, Ecuador office. The room that was designated as Mr. Lema’s workshop has been renovated with new floor tiles. The walls were repaired and painted, and the electrical installation to the room has been completed.

Mr. Lema has found a teacher who is willing to come to his workshop twice a week to teach him more about electronics and how to repair them. Mr. Lema is very encouraged and has great initiative and motivation …

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[3 Sep 2009 | 4 Comments | ]
Informal E-Interview With Vickie Wiedenmann of Children International

Aura’s House has been working with Children International since February of 2003. Vickie Wiedenmann has been with us this whole time and kindly agreed to answer a few questions and tell us more about herself.

She writes:
“Hi!  I’m Vickie Wiedenmann, and I’m honored that my good friends at Aura’s House asked me to tell you about myself and my work with Children International.
My husband, Bill, and I are the very proud parents of a 7-year-old boy named Benjamin.  We live and work on a farm south of Kansas City where we …