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[15 Mar 2013 | No Comment | ]
Cristian Pila of Quito Receives Gifts – Ecuador

Dorothee Clinton won one of our recent raffles and decided to donate her prize to her sponsor child, Cristian Pila of Ecuador.

He has received gifts from Dorothee’s generous donations. Cristian and his family came to the Quito Children International office to receive their gifts. Dorothee’s gift provided some much needed food and cleaning products for Cristian and his family.

Cristian lives with his grandmother and aunt. They had very little food in the home when Children International’s local staff visited them. When Cristian came to CI’s office to receive the food and cleaning items, he asked “Where is my sponsor?” His grandmother told him that she was far away but that she gave all of this to him because she loves him very much. He told his grandmother and the staff that he “wanted to hug his sponsor.”

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[9 Mar 2011 | One Comment | ]
Maria Chancay (8) of Ecuador Receives her Gifts

Thanks to Aura’s House Donors, $370 was raised to help give Maria Chancay and her family badly needed household items. Visit Maria’s Project.
Our partner, Vickie Wiedenmann of Children International writes:

Good morning (or evening for some of you!), friends!

I’m happy to attach two photographs of Maria Chancay, along with the
many items she received, thanks to your fundraising efforts on her
behalf. As you can see, she has received a full size bed, mattress,
table, four chairs, a blender, a toaster, and a plastic chest of

Our agency told us that Maria and her …

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[7 Jan 2011 | No Comment | ]
Complete: Household Needs Project For Maria Chancay of Ecuador: $370 Raised! -Thank You.

This project is now complete. Launched: August 3, 2010. Completed: January 7, 2011.

Household Needs Project for Maria Chancay (8) of Ecuador
Our goal was to raise $370. Your donations will go toward a household needs project for Maria (8) of Ecuador. This project raised money for the following gifts: a bed, mattress, chest of drawers, table, chairs, and a blender. All projects on the Aura’s House site are 100% US tax deductible.

$370 Raised. Thank You.

Please stay tuned for updates and photos.

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[1 Oct 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
Some Very Sad News: Ana’s Father Luis Lema, of Ecuador Unexpectedly Passes Away

Dear All,
I’m sorry to report that one of the families that Aura’s House Donors so generously helped recently is now experiencing very hard times indeed. Ana Belen Lema Gomez of Ecuador (13) lost her father Luis Lema unexpectedly in late July when he suffered a heart attack. Aura’s House recently raised $2770 for the family to enable Luis, who was disabled, to start a small business repairing electrical appliances. Children International reported that the family was thrilled with their new workshop and Luis was enjoying his new enterprise and was …

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[21 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
Ana Gomez of Ecuador – Workshop Complete and Thriving

Vickie Wiedenmann of Children International has just sent an update on Ana’s Income Generating Project .   She writes:
Dear friends,
The agency in Quito has advised us that Ana’a project is now complete and she and her family are delighted and thrilled with the new opportunities you and your donors have given them!
All in all, the entire workshop was renovated; a new bathroom was constructed and a storefront sign was placed on their home.   Ana and her father received desks, tables, chairs, shelving units, supplies and tools for the workshop.  …